Video Highlight - Contentful Migrations CLI Deep Dive

Content migrations can be a daunting topic but our developer evangelist Stefan Judis ( uses three common examples to demonstrate the power of embracing advanced development workflows. A companion technical guide can be found at

Yann Eves
over 3 years agoJanuary 16, 2019
This is a really great demonstration, thanks for sharing Stefan!
almost 2 years agoSeptember 17, 2020
Hi There,

Once you have a feature env that is ready for production, how are you suppose to merge it to master env ?
Are we suppose to replace current master env with a clone a from the feature env in CI before deployment ? Or should we merge it to master (and how) ?

Do you have any hands on documentation about this release phase?
Thanks for your help.

over 1 year agoNovember 30, 2020
Hi Antoine, 

Wondering if you came across a solution for this as I'm currently wondering the same thing. 

Haroon Khalid
about 1 year agoMay 7, 2021
Please refer to this link. You can find some details regarding migration across different Contentful Environments.
sushmeet sunger
over 1 year agoNovember 17, 2020
Great presentation, definitely helps to hit the ground running on contentful migrations. Video content seems usually a great way to digest info.
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